Morning Walk

July 3, 1976, Washington, D.C.
Prabhupada: What is that building?
Vrsakapi: This is the neighborhood. It is a very rich neighborhood, Prabhupada. Very wealthy. This is the most wealthy neighborhood, practically all of America. The builders are putting up houses all in here just like that house over there.
Prabhupada: Oh, bungalow type (?). Very good. This is very nice. Is it not? Very nice.
Pusta Krsna: Very peaceful.
Vrsakapi: Many senators and congressmen, they live out here.
Pusta Krsna: They ever come to the Sunday feast?
Vrsakapi: Some do. One man does. We've been here a short time, only four months. So we have to advertise more so people will come on the Sunday feast. But I think we will have thousands.
Prabhupada: That is nice. [break] ...trees very long?
Vrsakapi: Just pine trees and oak trees. No fruit trees. [break] He was run over by a car, he was intoxicated.
Prabhupada: Then? What happened, he was not identified?
Vrsakapi: They said that he lived in these woods back here, way back in the woods.
Prabhupada: Oh, drunkard.
Vrsakapi: Yes. They had many cars here all day for two days. All the police, ambulance, TV.
Prabhupada: To take photograph?
Vrsakapi: To take photograph of the place. It became a monument. (laughter)
Prabhupada: Just to see a dead body.
Vrsakapi: Yes.
Hari-sauri: Crows. (end)

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