Room Conversation

January 18, 1976, Mayapur
Prabhupada: Visvanatha Cakravarti has discussed. The Krsna consciousness is so easy: man-mana bhava mad-bhakto, four principles. Why people do not take to it? Hm? What is that?
Harikesa: He just wanted to know if someone was allowed to come for darsana.
Prabhupada: Yes, let them come. This time, five to seven? (conchshell sounds) (Bengali) [break] Srimad-bhagavata-dharma is for the person who is not jealous. Paramo nirmatsaranam [SB 1.1.2]. This very word is used in the beginning, that "This bhagavata-dharma is meant for persons who is not jealous." Otherwise the material, whole world is full of jealousy. Even during the time of Krsna there was Paundra, out of jealousy. And there were so many. Beginning from Krsna's birth the asuras were jealous"How to kill Krsna." This is the whole mat.... Even in the higher planetary system the jealousy is there, asuras and the devas, devasura. So our business is, as instructed by Caitanya Mahaprabhu, trnad api sunicena taror api sahisnuna. This jealousy will go on. Therefore one has to learn how to tolerate jealousy. Kirtaniyah sada harih [Cc. Adi 17.31]. If one wants to push on this sankirtana movement.... Prabhupada.... We are insignificant creature. So many persons. You cannot avoid it. The best way is to learn how to tolerate. That is very nice. Otherwise Caitanya Mahaprabhu not have said, taror api sahisnuna. That is the best. So we are not like Caitanya Mahaprabhu, neither like Prabhupada, and we shall have to learn to tolerate. (Bengali) It is clearly written in the Caitanya-caritamrta that krsna sakti vina nahe krsna nama pracarana. Even they have no common sense, what can be done? No, no, this formula, that this is something new in the history of the world, and still they are jealous, what is this? They are finding fault. In Vrndavana, Nrsimha-vallabha Gosvami, you know? He comes to me. He says, "So many people are jealous upon you." I say that first of all you create something like me. Then you become jealous. (Bengali) First of all let them become like me. Then.... (Bengali) The superior, he will dictate. And yei, equal, they will live like friends. And those who are junior, they should follow and obey. This is the Vaisnava niyama. So those who are neither equal nor higher, how they can dictate? That is their mistake. Either first of all become higher than himthen you dictateor you be equal with himthen you suggest. You are lower and you want to dictate? What is this nonsense? (Bengali) By standard, one who is lower, they want to dictate. (Bengali) (loud conchshell) Bas. (laughter) Hare Krsna. They may be very big visioner. (Bengali) A pakka Vaisnava like you, to find out faults, what is this? Radharani is.... (Bengali) They have not united. They have disunited. And here, practically you see all religions, all nations, all persons, all philosophy. Everything is there. (Bengali) They have come with their life. (Bengali) C.I.A. (Bengali) Less common sense they have. They haven't got even common sense. [break] ...on behalf of Krsna, so all the money should be given to us. The money actually belongs to Krsna. You, by tricks you are holding it. (knock) Yes? Asana. Open this. Open. (breakto morning walk)

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