Lecture Excerpt

Montreal, August 23, 1968
Prabhupada: So to love Krsna we don't require anything. Ahaituky apratihata. It is open for everyone, but we should learn to sacrifice for Krsna. That is the sign of love. Yat karosi yad asnasi yaj juhos [Bg. 9.27]i. If you... You are eating. If you simply decide that "I shall not eat anything which is not offered to Krsna," then Krsna will understand, "Oh, here is a devotee." "I shall not see anything except Krsna's beauty." Krsna can understand. "I shall not hear anything except Hare Krsna and topics on Krsna..." These things are there. It does not require that you become very wealthy, very beautiful, or very learned. You have to decide that "I shall not do this without Krsna. I shall not do this without Krsna. I shall not mix with any man who is not Krsna conscious. I shall not talk anything which does not speak about Krsna." So your... "I shall not go anywhere except Krsna's temple. I shall not engage my hands in anything except Krsna's business." In this way, if you train your activities, then you love Krsna and Krsna is purchasedsimply by your determination. Krsna does not require anything from you. Simply He wants to know whether you have decided to love Krsna. That's all.
Ahaituky apratihata. Ahaituky apratihata means it is not dependent on anything. You can yourself automatically, by whatever asset you have gotthinking, feeling, walking, eating, sleepingwhatever you have got. By such things, by using those things in Krsna consciousness, you can purchase Krsna. This is the Krsna consciousness movement. You haven't got to acquire something extra for loving Krsna or purchasing Krsna. Krsna becomes purchased. Therefore... Krsna cannot be purchased. His name is Ajita. He cannot be conquered, but His devotee can purchase Him, can conquer Him. Just like you have seen the pictures in our Back to Godhead about Bhisma, that it was just joking, but he knew that "Arjuna cannot be killed because he is very dear friend of Krsna. So these people are requesting me to kill Arjuna. So I shall show my capacity of fighting." And actually Arjuna became perplexed. Bhisma wanted to see that Krsna shall have to break His promise for His devotee. "I know I shall not be able to kill Arjuna, but at least I shall see that Krsna has broken His promise." So Krsna actually did not break His promise. He did not accept any weapon, but He simply showed Bhisma that "I have come to kill you with this wheel of the chariot." His sudarsana-cakra is different. These are the reciprocation. Krsna can do anything for His devotee. Personally He may be very severe, but for devotee He can do anything. That means devotee can purchase by his devotion. (end)

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