Sri Brahma-samhita, Lecture

Stockholm, September 7, 1973
Prabhupada: There are about thirty-five verses like this in the Brahma-samhita describing the transcendental... [break] ...place of the Lord. It takes time. I have cited about a dozen only. Let me try to explain some of them because I have already taken much time.
So one verse in this we find,
The Lord is one without a second, advaita. Acyuta, the Lord never falls downthe distinction between Lord and ourself. We are also eternal living entities, and the Lord is also eternal. He is also a living entity, a person, just like us. But His name is Acyuta. He never falls down from His position. But we living entities, sometimes we fall down. That's our material condition of life. This is our falldown. Therefore He is called advaitam acyutam anadim. And He has no beginning. He is the beginning of everything. The creation is from Him, but He has no creator. So advaitam acyutam anadim ananta-rupam [Bs. 5.33]. And He has got multiforms. He can expand Himself. The one expansion is that isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese 'rjuna tisthati [Bg. 18.61]. He has expanded Himself to live with you, within your heart. Isvarah sarva-bhutanam. Not only that: another place it is described, eko 'py asau racayitum jagad-anda-kotim [Bs. 5.35]. One portion of the Lord... That is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita, ekamsena sthito jagat [Bg. 10.42]. Jagat means this material world. That is being maintained by one of His plenary portion, which is called Paramatma or Garbhodakasayi Visnu or Ksirodakasayi Visnu. So one portion of His plenary portion, He is within the material world. Material world means the universe. Andantara-stham. Anda, brahmanda means this universe. This is not only one universe, but there are many millions of universes. So He is there. Advaitam acyutam anadim ananta-rupam [Bs. 5.33]. And andantara-stham: He is within the universe. Andantara-stha-paramanu-cayantara-stham [Bs. 5.35]. And He is within the atom also. Just imagine, expansion of God. So advaitam acyutam anadim ananta-rupam adyam purana-purusam nava-yauvanam ca. Although He is the oldest of all, you will find Krsna always a young man. From His face you will find a young boy, twenty to twenty-five years. Nava-yauvanam ca. Vedesu durlabham. If you want to search out God by studying Vedas, it will be very difficult. Adurlabham atma-bhaktau. But He is very easily available from His devotee. This is the description.
Then in another place,
tabhir ya eva nija-rupataya kalabhih
goloka eva nivasaty akhilatma-bhutah...
[Bs. 5.37]
The Lord, every (indistinct) is not material. That is sac-cid-ananda-vigraha [Bs. 5.1]. Krsna is sac-cid-ananda-vigraha. His form is eternity, blissful, and full of knowledge. So all His paraphernalia in the Goloka Vrndavana, that is His expansion of that qualityeternity, blissfulness and knowledge. Ananda-cinmaya-rasa-pratibhavitabhih. His gopis, His consorts, His father, His mother, His friends, His trees, His flowers, His calves and cowseverything is spiritual expansion from Him. Everything... We are also expansion from Him. We are marginal potency, and this is spiritual potency. So everything is expansion. Therefore the Vedic literature says, sarvam khalv idam brahma: "Everything is Brahman." We are not (?) combination of two energies: marginal energy and the external energy. But in the spiritual world everything is only spiritual energy. So we are constitutionally spiritual energy. Somehow or other, we have been entangled with this material energy. So if we try in this human form of life, we can get out of this material energy and again go back to the spiritual energy. That is the opportunity. Ananda-cinmaya-rasa-pratibhavitabhis tabhir ya eva nija-rupataya kalabhih [Bs. 5.37].
Another sloka I wish to explain: angani yasya sakalendriya-vrtti-manti [Bs. 5.32]. The spiritual body is equally qualified for doing everything. Just like our hand, we can touch only. We cannot do... Or we can pick up something. But simply having hand... Or with the hand we cannot eat. For eating, we shall have to use this mouth, we have to use the stomach. But in the spiritual world, Krsna, about Him it is described, angani yasya sakalendriya-vrtti-manti: [Bs. 5.32] "Each and every limb of Krsna has got the potency of other limbs." He can eat by His eyes; He can hear from His eyes. Anything. All the parts of the limbs, because they are spiritual, you can use it for any purpose. This is not understandable in this material condition of life, but it is possible. When it is spiritually realized, it is possible. These things are there.
angani yasya sakalendriya-vrtti-manti
pasyanti panti kalayanti ciram jaganti
govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami
[Bs. 5.32]
So His spiritual world, His planet, is described that cintamani-prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vrksa-laksavrtesu surabhir abhipalayantam [Bs. 5.29]. In His planet, there are many trees, many palaces, but they are all spiritual. Cintamani means spiritual. The houses, they are made of touchstone, just like here the houses are made of bricks and wood. There the houses are also spiritual. The touchstone, it is described in the sastras that if there is any touchstone in this material world, the touchstone can turn iron into gold. So anyway, the houses... There are houses also, big, big palaces like here. Cintamani-prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vrksa. And the trees are kalpa-vrksa. Kalpa-vrksa means... Here you can get fruit, one kind of fruit from one tree. But there, any fruit you want, you can get, any tree. That is spiritual. Prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vrksa. Kalpa-vrksa means that. And surabhir abhipalayantam [Bs. 5.29]. And Krsna is very much fond of tending cows. And what are those cows? Surabhi. Surabhi means you can take as much milk as you like, and as many times as you like. Here in this material world you have got cows, but you can take milk, limited quantity, and also once or twice. That is the difference. In this way, if you read Brahma-samhita, you will get complete description of the spiritual world, the spiritual entities, the Supreme Lord, His associates, His country, His pastimeseverything very nicely described. And if we become attached to such place, then we can try. We can try. We can prepare ourself for going back to home, back to Godhead. That is the perfection of life. That is the mission of Krsna consciousness movement.
Thank you very much. Hare Krsna. (end)

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