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Chicago, July 3, 1975
Devotee(?): Your Divine Grace, this is Royal Kennedy from NBC television.
Royal Kennedy: How do you do?
Devotee (1): She would like to ask you some questions.
Royal Kennedy: I would like to know what the occasion is. Why are you visiting Chicago?
Prabhupada: Just now I have seen one article in the Times, four five pages article, "Crime...," and what is that?
Brahmananda: "Why and How to Solve It."
Prabhupada: "Why and How to Solve It."
Brahmananda: It's the cover story of Time.
Prabhupada: So if you are serious, you can take our method and suggestions. Then you can stop this crime.
Royal Kennedy: You have a way to stop the crime?
Prabhupada: Oh, yes, I have.
Royal Kennedy: Can you explain a little bit more? How do you do it?
Prabhupada: That we have to suggest. The social, political, educational, cultural—everything has to be changed. So if you come, we can give you in details how it can be done.
Royal Kennedy: Can you tell me how you feel about this welcome that you got?
Prabhupada: Yes. Of course, by God's grace, wherever I go they welcome me like that.
Royal Kennedy: Are you used to anything a little bit more serene?
Prabhupada: Serene? Of course, our whole propaganda is serene. Yes. We are distributing God consciousness. It is the most serene movement. People has to learn it very nicely.
Royal Kennedy: Thank you. [break]
Prabhupada: ...to stop the crimes of your country. My message is to stop the crimes of your country. This is my sum and substance. We have read the article in the Times, "Crime and How to Stop It." So if you take my advice, that can be stopped. [break] (in car:) ...opportunity to propagate.
Prabhupada: Crimes and how to stop...
Brahmananda: Why and how to stop it.
Prabhupada: Why and how to. That is answered in Krsna consciousness movement, actually. [break] ...condition of the world, simply full of criminals, that's all. And our is papi tapi jata chilo, hari-name uddharilo. This is our movement. Crimes means papi, sinful. And this is the only remedy for reclaiming the sinful. Simply by law if you want to suppress them, it will not be successful. Deliver them. Then you also come, I mean to say, along with them. Not that these criminals only should be delivered, and you will go on, continue with criminal activities, slaughterhouse, and killing the child in the womb. You are criminal yourself, the whole state. So reception was very nice.
Brahmananda: Oh, yes.
Prabhupada: So we are going to the temple?
Sri Govinda: Yes, Srila Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: [break] ... New York? No. [break]
Brahmananda: The city is bigger, but I don't think there's more people.
Prabhupada: What is this, Dallas Braniff?
Brahmananda: There's a..., that's advertising that this Braniff Airlines flies there to Dallas every hour on the hour.
Prabhupada: Oh. Oh, Dallas is nearer?
Sri Govinda: Two hours.
Brahmananda: Two hours.
Prabhupada: Two hours. [break] Oh.
Brahmananda: What was it?
Sri Govinda: Ninety-two.
Brahmananda: Really? [break]
Prabhupada: ...because sastra says, papi tapi jata chilo, hari-name uddharilo. Simply by this chanting, all these things can be stopped. There is no doubt about it. They are spending so much money uselessly going to the moon planet and this planet and for stopping crime. The same amount may be spent for distribution of prasada and chanting Hare Krsna in a mass scale. Everything will be all right. Mass scale. Simply organize nice prasadam distribution and mass joining Hare Krsna. Just see the effect.
Brahmananda: There is proof of it just in Berkeley where we have our Ratha-yatra. The police say that this... Or we have our parades there, and they are all peaceful, whereas other groups, they have parades, and they always...
Prabhupada: "Window-breaking."
Brahmananda: Yes, violent.
Prabhupada: "Window-breaking crowd." We are not that. [break] Let them have this O'Hare Krsna.
Brahmananda: Yes, O'Hare Krsna.
Prabhupada: Suggest the establishment manager.
Sri Govinda: That's the name of the airport,
Prabhupada: What is that?
Brahmananda: He said the name of the airport is...
Prabhupada: Oh. O'Hare? (pronouncing as in Hare Krsna)
Brahmananda: O'Hare. (laughs)
Prabhupada: What is this? This is airport O'Hare?
Brahmananda: O'Hare (pronouncing as "hair").
Prabhupada: Hare (as "hair") it is.
Brahmananda: O'Hare.
Prabhupada: O'Hare.
Brahmananda: I think that is an Irish name.
Prabhupada: Who was he?
Brahmananda: Who was O'Hare?
Prabhupada: We chant O Hare.
Devotee (2): The woman whose cow knocked over the fire, started the fire, Chicago fire?
Devotee (3): That's O'Leary's cow. [break]
Prabhupada: ...crime...
Brahmananda: "Crime, Why and How to Solve It."
Prabhupada: So we can solve this. Why not invite them to hear us how we can solve? Arrange meetings in big, big circle. We shall give the solution. It is a good opportunity for preaching. You have got Times paper?
Brahmananda: Yes, Time magazine, it's the cover story this month.
Sri Govinda: Not here. In five or ten minutes.
Prabhupada: Yes, bring. We shall take this opportunity to preach. "Crime, Why and What to Do?" We shall give all solution. We can arrange big, big meetings on this point, "Crime, Why and What to Do?" A very suitable heading it is. Harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna [SB 5.18.12]. Unless he'll take to God consciousness, all this rascaldom, so-called advancement of civilization, all condemned, everything. All rascals. So why we will not, will there be crime? There must be. This is the result of modern civilization, crime. You cannot check it unless you take to Krsna cons... They are all violating the laws of nature. Nature brings you from evolutionary process to the human life, and if we misuse, then we suffer. This life is specially meant for understanding God. Athato brahma jijnasa. This is the only business. Jivasya tattva-jijnasa na yas ceha karmabhih. Jivasya tattva-jijnasa. Find out this verse.
Nitai: First Canto, Second Chapter.
Prabhupada: We have given all solution. Now our business is how to push it through these leaders who are now thinking, "Crime, Why and What to Do?" They are thinking. They must think. If they actually want welfare of the country, they must think. And here is the medicine. Yes?
kamasya nendriya-pritir
labho jiveta yavata
jivasya tattva-jijnasa
nartho yas ceha karmabhih
[SB 1.2.10]
"Life's desires should never be aimed at gratifying the senses. One should desire to live only because human life enables one to inquire about the Absolute Truth. This should be the goal of all works."
Prabhupada: Kamasya nendriya-pritih. Purport?
Nitai: "The completely bewildered material civilization is wrongly directed towards the fulfillment of desires in sense gratification."
Prabhupada: Simply wine, women and beach, and sporting and jumping like monkeys, this is the... We require little satisfaction of the bodily demands. That's all right. But not for this purpose. The bags have come?
Harikesa: Yes.
Prabhupada: Oh, then that's all right. There is oil.
Harikesa: Upendra's getting ready for your massage.
Prabhupada: Read it.
Nitai: "In such civilization, in all spheres of life, the ultimate end is sense gratification. In politics, social service, altruism, philanthropy and ultimately in religion or even in salvation, the very same tint of sense gratification is every-increasingly predominant. In the political field the leaders of men fight with one another to fulfill their personal sense gratification."
Prabhupada: In India, these are all foreseen. I have already discussed all this. Then?
Nitai: "The voters adore the so-called leaders only when they promise sense gratification. As soon as the voters are dissatisfied in their own sense gratification, they dethrone the leaders. The leaders almost always disappoint the voters by not satisfying their senses."
Prabhupada: Then the protest meeting, procession. But nobody will be able to satisfy them because they do not know how to keep the mass of people satisfied. They do not know. Lokasya ajanatah vidvan cakre satvata-samhitam. These rascals, they do not know. All set of rascals, the so-called philosophers, scientists. I have always said they are rascals. Now they are coming, "What to do?" They will face so many problems, "What to do?" This is the beginning. The whole world will be in chaos if they do not take to Krsna consciousness. So many "What to do?" will come. Just tell them, "And here is the remedy." Now it is the time for preaching. They are thinking. They were sleeping. Now they are thinking, "What to do?" They were blindly following sense gratification. Now it has come to the stage, "What to do?" "What to do?" This is athato brahma jijnasa: "Now enquire about Brahman." This is the statement. Hm, then?
Nitai: "The same is applicable in all other fields; no one is serious about the problems of life. Even those who are on the path of salvation desire to become one with the Absolute Truth and desire to commit spiritual suicide for sense gratification."
Prabhupada: That is also another sense gratification, to become one with the Supreme.
Nitai: "But the Bhagavatam says that one should not live for sense gratification. One should satisfy the senses only insofar as it is required for self-preservation..."
Prabhupada: We don't say that "Stop altogether." No. We say, "No illicit sex." We don't say, "No sex." So we should indulge in sense gratification as far as it is required for the maintenance of the body, and balance time, we shall save for brahma-jijnasa. This is civilization. Otherwise it is animal civilization. So that has come now. So the American people, the leaders, they are now thinking, "What to do?" And call big, big men, and give our program, "Here is to do. Come here to do." This is opportunity. Then?
Nitai: "Because the body is made of senses, which also require a certain amount of satisfaction, there are regulative directions for satisfaction of such senses, but the senses are not meant for unrestricted enjoyment. For example, marriage..."
Prabhupada: That is not enjoyment. Just like sex indulgence. If you indulge in more than necessary, then you will be impotent. Nature will stop. You know impotency? That will be there. Impotency. This homosex is also another sign of impotency. They do not feel sex impulse to woman. They feel sex impulse in man. That means he is impotent. It is impotency. So things are coming so rubbish now. This is the time for preaching our program, standard. Then?
Nitai: "For example, marriage, or the combination of a man with a woman, is necessary for progeny, but it is not meant for sense enjoyment."
Prabhupada: Now this progeny is bother. It is sense enjoyment, homosex. Progeny, they don't want. They're not interested. Only sense gratification. This is another sign of impotency. When after enjoying so many women, they become impotent, then they artificially create another sex impulse in homosex. This is the psychology. So people are degraded so much. Especially in the... Everywhere, not specially this or that. Everywhere. This is Kali-yuga. But thoughtful leaders, they are thinking, "What to do?" That's very good sign. And take advantage and give them program exactly to the direction of Bhagavad-gita. Then the world will be saved. Otherwise it is doomed. It is a fact. This is the opportunity for preaching. You can take that paper and heading. There are so many headings. Each heading reply. We are the only persons who can give solution. There is no other group or any man in the world. We are only. So let them take advantage of our knowledge and apply in the society to the ben... That's all right. Now all the sannyasis have got the good opportunity to preach. So where is the key? Keep it. (end)

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