sva-prabhave loka-sabara karana vismaya
pana-nrsimhe aila prabhu daya-maya
sva-prabhaveby His own influence; loka-sabaraof all the people; karanainducing; vismayaastonishment; pana-nrsimheto the Lord named Pana-nrsimha; ailacame; prabhuLord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; daya-mayathe most merciful.
Everywhere Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu went, His influence astonished everyone. He next arrived at the temple of Pana-nrsimha. The Lord is so merciful.
Pana-nrsimha, or Panakal-narasimha, is located in the district of Krishna in the hills known as Mangalagiri, about seven miles from a city known as Vijayawada. One must climb six hundred steps to reach the temple. It is said that when the Lord is offered food with syrup here, He does not take more than half. Within this temple is a conchshell presented by the late king of Tanjor, and it is said that this shell was used by Lord Krsna Himself. During the month of March, a great fair takes place in this temple.

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