TEXT 311
dhanus-tirtha dekhi' karila nirvindhyate snane
rsyamuka-giri aila dandakaranye
dhanush-tirthaDhanus-tirtha; dekhi'-seeing; kariladid; nirvindhyatein the river Nirvindhya; snanebathing; rsyamuka-giriat the Rsyamuka Mountain; ailaarrived; dandaka-aranyein the forest known as Dandakaranya.
The Lord next arrived at Dhanus-tirtha, where He took His bath in the river Nirvindhya. He then arrived at Rsyamuka Mountain and then went to the forest called Dandakaranya.
According to some opinions, Rsyamuka is a chain of mountains beginning at the village of Hampi-grama in the district of Belari. The mountain chain begins along the bank of the river Tungabhadra, which gradually reaches the state of Hyderabad. According to other opinions, this hill is situated in Madhya Pradesh and bears the present name of Rampa. Dandakaranya is a spacious tract of land which begins north of Khandesa and extends south to Ahmadnagar, west to Nasika, and east to Aurangabad. The Godavari River flows through this tract of land, and there is a great forest there where Lord Ramacandra lived.

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