TEXT 281
kolapure laksmi dekhi' dekhena ksira-bhagavati
langa-ganesa dekhi' dekhena cora-parvati
kolapure—at Kolapura; laksmi—the goddess of fortune; dekhi'-seeing; dekhena—He visited; ksira-bhagavati—the temple of Ksira-bhagavati; langa-ganesa—the deity Langa-ganesa; dekhi'-seeing; dekhena—He sees; cora-parvati—the goddess Parvati, who is known as a thief.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu then visited the town of Kolapura, where He saw the goddess of fortune in the temple of Ksira-bhagavati and Langa-ganesa in another temple, known as Cora-parvati.
Kolapura is a town in the Maharashtra province formerly known as Bombay Pradesa. Formerly it was a native state, and it is bordered on the north by the district of Satara, on the east and south by the district of Belgauma, and on the west by the district of Ratnagiri. In this place there is a river named Urna. From the Bombay Gazette it is understood that there were about 250 temples there, out of which six are very famous. These are (1) Ambabai, or Mahalaksmi Mandira, (2) Vithoba Mandira, (3) Temblai Mandira, (4) Mahakali Mandira, (5) Phiranga-i, or Pratyangira Mandira, and (6) Yyallamma Mandira.

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