TEXT 221
gajendra-moksana-tirthe dekhi visnu-murti
panagadi-tirthe asi' dekhila sitapati
gajendra-moksana-tirthe—at the holy place named Gajendra-moksana; dekhi—seeing; visnu-murti—the Deity of Lord Visnu; panagadi-tirthe—to the holy place Panagadi; asi'-coming; dekhila—saw; sita-pati—Lord Sri Ramacandra and Sitadevi.
Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu then visited the holy place named Gajendra-moksana, where He went to a temple of Lord Visnu. He then came to Panagadi, a holy place where He saw the Deities of Lord Ramacandra and Sita.
The Gajendra-moksana temple is sometimes mistaken for a temple of Lord Siva. It is about two miles south of the city of Kaivera. Actually the Deity is not of Lord Siva but of Visnu. Panagadi is about thirty miles south of Tirunelveli. Formerly the temple there contained the Deity of Sri Ramacandra, but later the devotees of Lord Siva replaced Lord Ramacandra with a deity of Lord Siva named Ramesvara or Rama-linga Siva.

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