nrsimha dekhiya tanre kaila nati-stuti
siddhavata gela yahan murti sitapati
nrsimha dekhiyaafter seeing the Lord Nrsimha Deity; tanreunto Him; kailadid; nati-stutioffering of various prayers; siddhavatato Siddhavata; gelaHe went; yahanwhere; murtithe Deity; sita-patiLord Ramacandra.
After seeing the Ahovala-nrsimha Deity, Caitanya Mahaprabhu offered many prayers unto the Lord. He then went to Siddhavata, where He saw the Deity of Ramacandra, the Lord of Sitadevi.
Siddhavata, also known as Sidhauta, is ten miles east of the village Kudapa. Previously this place was also known as southern Benares. There is a great banyan tree there, and it is therefore known as Siddhavata. Vata means banyan tree.

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