TEXT 166
rsabha-parvate cali' aila gaurahari
narayana dekhila tanha nati-stuti kari'
rsabha-parvate—to the Rsabha Hill; cali'-walking; aila—arrived; gaurahari—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; narayana—the Deity of Lord Narayana; dekhila—saw; tanha—there; nati-stuti kari'-offering obeisances and prayers.
When the Lord arrived at Rsabha Hill, He saw the temple of Lord Narayana and offered obeisances and various prayers.
Rsabha Hill is in southern Karnata, in the district of Madurai. Twelve miles north of Madurai City is a place called Anagada-malaya-parvata, which is situated within the forest of Kutakacala. Within this forest Lord Rsabhadeva burned Himself to ashes. Now this place is known as Palni Hill.

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