TEXT 144
narayana haite krsnera asadharana guna
ataeva laksmira krsne trsna anuksana
narayana haiteover and above Narayana; krsneraof Lord Krsna; asadharana gunauncommon qualities; ataevatherefore; laksmiraof the goddess of fortune; krsneunto Krsna; trsnadesire; anuksanaalways.
"Because Krsna has four extraordinary qualities not possessed by Lord Narayana, the goddess of fortune, Laksmi, always desires His company.
Lord Narayana has sixty transcendental qualities. Over and above these, Krsna has four extraordinary transcendental qualities absent in Lord Narayana. These four qualities are: (1) His wonderful pastimes, which are compared to an ocean; (2) His association in the circle of the supreme devotees in conjugal love (the gopis); (3) His playing on the flute, whose vibration attracts the three worlds; and (4) His extraordinary beauty, which surpasses the beauty of the three worlds. Lord Krsna's beauty is unequaled and unsurpassed.

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