TEXT 133
sruti-gana gopi-ganera anugata hana
vrajesvari-suta bhaje gopi-bhava lana
sruti-gana—the authorities of Vedic hymns; gopi-ganera—of the gopis; anugata hana—following in the footsteps; vrajesvari-suta—the son of mother Yasoda; bhaje—worship; gopi-bhava—the ecstasy of the gopis; lana—accepting.
"The authorities in the Vedic literature who are known as the sruti-gana worshiped Lord Krsna in the ecstasy of the gopis and followed in their footsteps.
The authorities in the Vedic literature known as the sruti-gana desired to enter into Lord Sri Krsna's rasa dance; therefore they began to worship the Lord in the ecstasy of the gopis. In the beginning, however, they were unsuccessful. When they could not enter the dance simply by thinking of Krsna in the ecstasy of the gopis, they actually accepted bodies like those of the gopis. They even took birth in Vrajabhumi just like the gopis and consequently became engrossed in the ecstasy of the gopis' love. In this way they were allowed to enter into the rasa-lila dance of the Lord.

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