tasam avirabhuc chaurih
pitambara-dharah sragvi
saksan manmatha-manmathah
tasam—among them; avirabhut—appeared; saurih—Lord Krsna; smayamana—smiling; mukha-ambujah—with a face like a lotus flower; pita-ambara-dharah—wearing yellow garments; sragvi—garlanded with flowers; saksat—directly; manmatha—of Cupid; manmathah—the bewilderer.
" 'Suddenly, due to the their feelings of separation, Lord Krsna appeared among the gopis dressed in yellow garments and wearing a flower garland. His lotus face was smiling, and He was directly attracting the mind of Cupid.'
This verse is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.32.2). When the rasa dance was going on, Krsna suddenly disappeared, and the gopis became so overwhelmed, due to His separation and their intense love for Him, that Krsna was obliged to appear again.

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