nemam virinco na bhavo
na srir apy anga-samsraya
prasadam lebhire gopi
yat tat prapa vimukti-dat
na—not; imam—this (love of Godhead); virincah—Lord Brahma; na—not; bhavah—Lord Siva; na—nor; srih—the goddess of fortune; api—even; anga—on the chest of Visnu; samsraya—who is sheltered; prasadam—favor; lebhire—have obtained; gopi—mother Yasoda; yat—which; tat—that; prapa—obtained; vimukti-dat—from the person who gives liberation.
" 'The favor mother Yasoda obtained from Sri Krsna, the bestower of liberation, was never obtained even by Lord Brahma or Lord Siva, nor even by the goddess of fortune, who always remains on the chest of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Visnu.' "
This is a statement from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.9.20). Krsna agreed to be bound by mother Yasoda after she had given up trying to bind Krsna with ropes. This is another appreciation made by Sukadeva Gosvami in his narration of the pastimes of Krsna before Maharaja Pariksit.

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