mahad-vicalanam nrnam
grhinam dina-cetasam
nihsreyasaya bhagavan
nanyatha kalpate kvacit
mahat-vicalanam—the wandering of saintly persons; nrnam—of human beings; grhinam—who are householders; dina-cetasam—low-minded; nihsreyasaya—for the ultimate benefit; bhagavan—O my Lord; na anyatha—not any other purpose; kalpate—one imagines; kvacit—at any time.
" 'My dear Lord, sometimes great saintly persons go to the homes of householders, although these householders are generally low-minded. When a saintly person visits their homes, one can understand that it is for no other purpose than to benefit the householders.'
This verse is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.8.4).

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