TEXT 248
'duhkha-madhye kona duhkha haya gurutara?'
'krsna-bhakta-viraha vina duhkha nahi dekhi para'
duhkha-madhyeamong the miserable conditions of life; konawhat; duhkhamisery; hayais; gurutaramore painful; krsna-bhakta-virahaseparation from the devotee of Lord Krsna; vinabesides; duhkhaunhappiness; nahithere is not; dekhiI see; paraother.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu asked, "Of all kinds of distress, what is the most painful?"
Sri Ramananda Raya replied, "Apart from separation from the devotee of Krsna, I know of no unbearable unhappiness."
Concerning this, the Lord states in the Vedic literature:
mam anaradhya duhkhartah
sat-sanga-rahito martyo
"A person who does not worship Me, who is unduly attached to family and who does not stick to devotional service must be considered a most unhappy person. Similarly, one who does not associate with Vaisnavas, or who does not render service to his superior, is also a most unhappy person."
There is also a statement given in the Brhad-bhagavatamrta (1.5.51):
sva-jivanadhikam prarthyam
vicchedena ksanam catra
na sukhamsam labhamahe
"[King Yudhisthira said:] 'Out of all kinds of desirable things experienced in the life of a living entity, association with the devotees of the Lord is the greatest. When we are separated from a devotee even for a moment, we cannot enjoy happiness.' "

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