TEXT 167
karunyamrta-dharaya snana prathama
tarunyamrta-dharaya snana madhyama
karunya-amrta—of the nectar of mercy; dharaya—in the shower; snana—bath; prathama—first; tarunya-amrta—of the nectar of youth; dharaya—in the shower; snana—bath; madhyama—in the middle.
"Srimati Radharani takes Her first bath in the shower of the nectar of compassion, and She takes Her second bath in the nectar of youth.
Srimati Radharani first smears Her body with the paste of affection for Krsna. She then takes Her bath in the water of mercy. After passing the pauganda age (from five to ten years), Srimati Radharani first appears as mercy. The second bath, taken at noon, is taken in the water of tarunyamrta, or the nectar of youth. This is the actual expression of Her new youthfulness.

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