TEXT 156
hladini sandhini samvit
tvayy eka sarva-samsraye
hlada-tapa-kari misra
tvayi no guna-varjite
hladini—that which generates pleasure; sandhini—the potency of existence; samvit—the potency of knowledge; tvayi—unto You; eka—principal internal potency; sarva-samsraye—You are the reservoir of all potencies; hlada—pleasure; tapa-kari—generator of pains; misra—mixed; tvayi—unto You; na u—never; guna-varjite—You, the transcendence, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
" 'My dear Lord, You are the transcendental reservoir of all transcendental qualities. Your pleasure potency, existence potency and knowledge potency are actually all one spiritual internal potency. The conditioned soul, although actually spiritual, sometimes experiences pleasure, sometimes pain and sometimes a mixture of pain and pleasure. This is due to his being touched by matter. But because You are above all material qualities, these are not found in You. Your superior spiritual potency is completely transcendental, and for You there is no such thing as relative pleasure, pleasure mixed with pain, or pain itself.'
This is a quotation from the Visnu Purana (1.12.69).

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