lokapeksa nahi inhara krsna-krpa haite
ami lokapeksa kabhu na pari chadite
loka-apeksacare for society; nahithere is none; inharaof Damodara; krsna-krpathe mercy of the Lord; haitefrom; amiI; loka-apeksadependence on public opinion; kabhuat any time; nanot; pariable; chaditeto give up.
"Damodara Pandita and others are more advanced in receiving the mercy of Lord Krsna; therefore they are independent of public opinion. As such, they want Me to enjoy sense gratification, even though it be unethical. But since I am a poor sannyasi, I cannot abandon the duties of the renounced order, and therefore I follow them strictly.
A brahmacari is supposed to assist a sannyasi; therefore a brahmacari should not try to instruct a sannyasi. That is the etiquette. Consequently Damodara should not have advised Caitanya Mahaprabhu of His duty.

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