TEXTS 85-86
yadyapi jagad-guru tumi--sastra-jnanavan
prthivite nahi pandita tomara samana
isvarera krpa-lesa nahika tomate
ataeva isvara-tattva na para janite
yadyapi—although; jagat-guru—a teacher of many disciples; tumi—you; sastra-jnanavan—well versed in Vedic knowledge; prthivite—on this earth; nahi—there is not; pandita—a learned scholar; tomara—your; samana—equal; isvarera—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; krpa—of mercy; lesa—a bit; nahika—there is not; tomate—on you; ataeva—therefore; isvara-tattva—the Absolute Truth (the Supreme personality of Godhead); na para—are not able; janite—to know.
Gopinatha Acarya then addressed Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya: "You are a great scholar and a teacher of may disciples. Indeed, there is no other scholar like you on earth. Nonetheless, because you are bereft of even a pinch of the Lord's mercy, you cannot understand Him, even though He is present in your home.

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