"tumi jagad-guru--sarvaloka-hita-karta
vedanta padao, sannyasira upakarta
tumi jagat-guruyou are the master of all people; sarva-lokaof all people; hita-kartathe well-wisher; vedanta padaoyou teach Vedanta philosophy; sannyasiraof the mendicants in the renounced order of life; upakartathe benefactor.
"Because you are a teacher of Vedanta philosophy, you are the master of all the people in the world and their well-wisher as well. You are also the benefactor of all kinds of sannyasis.
Because the Mayavadi sannyasis teach Vedanta philosophy to their students or disciples, they are customarily called jagad-guru. This indicates that they are the benefactors of all people. Although Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya was not a sannyasi but a householder, he used to invite all the sannyasis to his home and offer them prasada. Thus he was accepted as the best well-wisher and friend of all the sannyasis.

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