TEXT 182
mayavadam asac-chastram
pracchannam bauddham ucyate
mayaiva vihitam devi
kalau brahmana-murtina
mayavadamthe philosophy of Mayavada; asat-sastramfalse scriptures; pracchannamcovered; bauddhamBuddhism; ucyateit is said; mayaby me; evaonly; vihitamtaught; deviO goddess of the material world; kalauin the Age of Kali; brahmana-murtinahaving the body of a brahmana.
"[Lord Siva informed the Goddess Durga, the superintendent of the material world,] 'In the Age of Kali I take the form of a brahmana and explain the Vedas through false scriptures in an atheistic way, similar to Buddhist philosophy.' "
The word brahmana-murtina in this verse refers to the founder of Mayavada philosophy, Sankaracarya, who was born in the Malabara district of southern India. Mayavada philosophy states that the Supreme Lord, the living entities and the cosmic manifestation are all transformations of illusory energy. To support this atheistic theory, the Mayavadis cite false scriptures, which make people bereft of transcendental knowledge and addicted to fruitive activities and mental speculation.
This verse is a quotation from the Padma Purana, Uttara-khanda (25.7).

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