TEXT 160
antaraṅgā--cic-chakti, taṭasthā--jīva-śakti
bahiraṅgā--māyā,--tine kare prema-bhakti
antaraṅgā—the internal potency; cit-śakti—the spiritual potency; taṭasthā—the marginal potency; jīva-śakti—the living entities; bahiraṅgā—the external potency; māyā—the illusory energy; tine—all three of them; kare—do; prema-bhakti—devotional service in love.
"The spiritual potency of the Supreme Personality of Godhead also appears in three phases-internal, marginal and external. These are all engaged in His devotional service in love.
The spiritual potency of the Lord is manifested in three phases-the internal, or spiritual, potency, the marginal potency, which is the living entities, and the external potency, known as māyā-śakti. We must understand that in each of these three phases the original spiritual potencies of pleasure, eternity and knowledge remain intact. When the potencies of spiritual pleasure and knowledge are both bestowed upon the conditioned souls, the conditioned souls can escape the clutches of the external potency, māyā, which acts as a cover obscuring one's spiritual identity. When freed, the living entity awakens to Kṛṣṇa consciousness and engages in devotional service with love and affection.

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