TEXT 159
anandamse 'hladini,' sad-amse 'sandhini'
cid-amse 'samvit', yare jnana kari mani
ananda-amse—in the part of bliss; hladini—the pleasure potency; sat-amse—in the part of eternity; sandhini—the sandhini potency; cit-amse—in the part of knowledge; samvit—the samvit potency; yare—which; jnana—as knowledge; kari mani—we accept.
"The three portions of the spiritual potency are called hladini [the bliss portion], sandhini [the eternity portion] and samvit [the knowledge portion]. We accept knowledge of these as full knowledge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
To acquire knowledge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one must take shelter of the samvit potency of the Supreme Lord.

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