TEXT 152
sad-aisvarya-purnananda-vigraha yanhara
hena-bhagavane tumi kaha nirakara ?
sat-aisvarya-purna—with six opulences in full; ananda—blissful; vigraha—form; yanhara—whose; hena-bhagavane—unto that Supreme Personality of Godhead; tumi—you; kaha—said; nirakara—without any form.
"Are you describing as formless that Supreme Personality of Godhead whose transcendental form is complete with six transcendental opulences?
If the Supreme Personality of Godhead is formless, how can He be said to walk very fast and accept everything offered to Him? Rejecting the direct meaning of the Vedic mantras, the Mayavadi philosophers interpret them and try to establish the Absolute Truth as formless. Actually, the Supreme Lord has an eternal personal form full of all opulence. The Mayavadi philosophers try to interpret the Absolute Truth as being without potency. However, in the Svetasvatara Upanisad (6.8) it is clearly said, parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate: "The Absolute Truth has multipotencies."

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