TEXT 149
aho bhagyam aho bhagyam
yan-mitram paramanandam
purnam brahma sanatanam
aho—what great; bhagyam—fortune; aho—what great; bhagyam—fortune; nanda—of Maharaja Nanda; gopa—of other cowherd men; vraja-okasam—of the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi; yat—of whom; mitram—friend; parama-anandam—the supreme bliss; purnam—complete; brahma—the Absolute Truth; sanatanam—eternal.
" 'How greatly fortunate are Nanda Maharaja, the cowherd men and all the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi! There is no limit to their fortune, because the Absolute Truth, the source of transcendental bliss, the eternal Supreme Brahman, has become their friend.'
This quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.32) is spoken by Lord Brahma.

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