eta jani' tumi saksi deha, daya-maya
jani' saksi nahi deya, tara papa haya
eta jani'-knowing this; tumiYou; saksiwitness; dehaplease give; daya-mayaO most merciful one; jani'-knowing; saksiwitness; nahi deyadoes not give; tarafor him; papasin; hayathere is.
The young brahmana continued, "My dear sir, You are very merciful and You know everything. Therefore, kindly be a witness in this case. A person who knows things as they are and still does not bear witness becomes involved in sinful activities."
The dealings between a devotee and the Lord are very simple. The young brahmana said to the Lord, "You know everything, but if You do not bear witness, You will be involved in sinful activities." There is no possibility, however, of the Lord's being involved in sinful activities. A pure devotee, even though he knows everything of the Supreme Lord, can speak with the Lord exactly as if He were a common man. Although the dealings between the Lord and His devotee are always very simple and open, there is formality. All these things happen because of the connection between the Lord and the devotee.

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