sabe vasi' krame krame bhojana karila
brahmana-brahmani-gane age khaoyaila
sabeall; vasi'-sitting; krame krameby and by; bhojana karilahonored prasada and ate it; brahmana-brahmani-ganethe brahmanas and their wives; agefirst; khaoyailawere fed.
All the people gathered there sat down to honor the prasada, and by and by they took food. All the brahmanas and their wives were fed first.
According to the varnasrama system, the brahmanas are always honored first. Thus at the festival, the brahmanas and their wives were first offered the remnants of food, and then the others (ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras). This has always been the system, and it is still prevalent in India, even though the caste brahmanas are not qualified. The system is still current due to the varnasrama institutional rules and regulations.

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