TEXT 151
raja-patra-sane yara yara paricaya
tare magi' karpura-candana karila sancaya
raja-patra—government officers; sane—with; yara yara—whoever; paricaya—had acquaintance; tare magi'-begging them; karpura-candana—camphor and sandalwood; karila—made; sancaya—collection.
Those who were acquainted with government officers met with them and begged for camphor and sandalwood, which they collected.
It appears that malayaja-candana (sandalwood) and camphor were used for the Jagannatha Deity. The camphor was used in His aratrika, and the sandalwood was used to smear His body. Both these items were under government control; therefore the devotees had to meet with the government officials. Informing them of all the details, they attained permission to take the sandalwood and camphor outside Jagannatha Puri.

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