pathe bada bada dani vighna nahi kare
ta' sabare krpa kari' aila remunare
pathe—on the way; bada bada—big, big; dani—toll or tax collector; vighna—hindrances; nahi—not; kare—make; ta' sabare—to all of them; krpa kari'-showing mercy; aila—reached; remunare—the village known as Remuna.
There were many rivers on the way, and at each river there was a tax collector. They did not hinder the Lord, however, and He showed them mercy. Finally He reached the village of Remuna.
There is a railway station named Balesvara, and five miles to the west is the village of Remuna. The temple of Ksira-cora-gopinatha still exists in this village, and within the temple the samadhi tomb of Rasikananda Prabhu, the chief disciple of Syamananda Gosvami, can still be found.

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