sannyasa kari' premavese calila vrndavana
radha-dese tina dina karila bhramana
sannyasa kari'-after accepting the sannyasa order; prema-avese—in intense love for Krsna; calila—proceeded; vrndavana—toward Vrndavana-dhama; radha-dese—in the tract of land known as Radha; tina dina—continuously for three days; karila—did; bhramana—wandering.
After accepting the sannyasa order, Caitanya Mahaprabhu, out of intense love for Krsna, started for Vrndavana. However, He mistakenly wandered about in a trance continuously for three days in the tract of land known as Radha-desa.
The word Radha-desa comes from the word rastra, or "state." From rastra the perverted word radha has come. The part of Bengal on the western side of the Ganges is known as Radha-desa. Another name is Paundra-desa or Pendo-desa. The word pendo is a perverted form of the word paundra. It appears that the capital of Rastra-desa was situated in that part of Bengal.

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