TEXT 216
ganga-tire-tire prabhu cari-jana-sathe
niladri calila prabhu chatrabhoga-pathe
ganga-tire-tireon the banks of the Ganges; prabhuthe Lord; cari-jana-sathewith the other four persons; niladrito Jagannatha Puri; calilaproceeded; prabhuthe Lord; chatrabhoga-patheon the path of Chatrabhoga.
The Lord, with the other four persons, went along the banks of the Ganges through the path of Chatrabhoga toward Niladri, Jagannatha Puri.
In the southern section of the eastern railway, in the district of twenty-four parganas, is a station named Magrahata. If one goes to the southeastern side of that station for some fourteen miles, there is a place called Jayanagara. About six miles south of this Jayanagara station is a village named Chatrabhoga. Sometimes this village is called Khadi. In this village is a Deity of Lord Siva known as Vaijurkanatha. A festival takes place there every year during the months of March and April. The festival is known as Nanda-mela. At the present moment the Ganges does not flow there. On the same railway line is another station, known as Baruipura, and near this station is another place, called Atisara. Formerly this village was also situated on the banks of the Ganges. One can go from this village to Panihati and from there to Varaha-nagara, north of Calcutta. In those days the Ganges flowed to the south of Calcutta through Kali-ghata, which is still known as Adi-ganga. From Baruipura, the Ganges branched out and flowed through Diamond Harbor near the Mathurapura police station. It is to be noted that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu passed through all these places on His way to Jagannatha Puri.

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