TEXT 126
yatha mahanti bhutani
bhutesuccavacesv anu
pravistany apravistani
tatha tesu na tesv aham
yatha—as; mahanti—the universal; bhutani—elements; bhutesu—in the living entities; ucca-avacesu—both gigantic and minute; anu—after; pravistani—situated internally; apravistani—situated externally; tatha—so; tesu—in them; na—not; tesu—in them; aham—I.
" 'As the material elements enter the bodies of all living beings and yet remain outside them all, I exist within all material creations and yet am not within them.
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.9.35). It is also the third verse of the catuh-sloki. For an explanation see Adi-lila, Chapter One, text 55.

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