TEXT 119
rte 'rtham yat pratiyeta
na pratiyeta catmani
tad vidyad atmano mayam
yathabhaso yatha tamah
rtewithout; arthamvalue; yatthat which; pratiyetaappears to be; nanot; pratiyetaappears to be; cacertainly; atmaniin relation to Me; tatthat; vidyatyou must know; atmanahMy; mayamillusory energy; yathajust as; abhasahthe reflection; yathajust as; tamahthe darkness.
" 'What appears to be truth without Me, is certainly My illusory energy, for nothing can exist without Me. It is like a reflection of a real light in the shadows, for in the light there are neither shadows nor reflections.
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.9.34). It is the second verse of the catuh-sloki. For an explanation of this verse, see Adi-lila, Chapter One, text 54.

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