TEXT 114
"aham eva"-sloke 'aham'-tina-bara
purnaisvarya sri-vigraha-sthitira nirdhara
aham evaI only; slokein this verse; ahamthe word aham; tina-barathree times; purna-aisvaryafull of all opulences; sri-vigrahaof the transcendental form of the Lord; sthitiraof the existence; nirdharaconfirmation.
" 'In the verse beginning "aham eva," the word "aham" is expressed three times. In the beginning there are the words "aham eva." In the second line there are the words "pascad aham." At the end are the words "so' smy aham." This "aham" indicates the Supreme Person. By the repetition of "aham," the transcendental personality who is complete with six opulences is confirmed.

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