canvacaye samahare
'nyo 'nyarthe ca samuccaye
yatnantare tatha pada-
purane 'py avadharane
ca—this word ca; anvacaye—in connecting one with another; samahare—in the sense of aggregation; anyo 'nya-arthe—to help one another in the imports; ca-the word ca; samuccaye—in aggregate understanding; yatna-antare—in another effort; tatha—as well as; pada-purane—in completing the verse; api—also; avadharane—in the sense of certainty.
" 'The word ca [and] is used to connect a word or sentence with a previous word or sentence, to give the sense of aggregation, to assist the meaning, to give a collective understanding, to suggest another effort or exertion, or to fulfill the meter of a verse. It is also used in the sense of certainty.'
This is a quotation from the Visva-prakasa dictionary.

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