TEXT 333
gopicandana-malya-dhrti, tulasi-aharana
vastra-pitha-grha-samskara, krsna-prabodhana
gopi-candanagopi-candana (available in Vrndavana and Dvaraka); malyabeads on the neck; dhrtiwearing regularly; tulasi-aharanacollecting tulasi leaves; vastracloth; pithatemple; grhathe house; samskaracleansing; krsna-prabodhanaawakening the Deity of Lord Krsna.
"After this, you should describe how one should decorate his body with gopicandana, wear neck beads, collect tulasi leaves from the tulasi tree, cleanse his cloth and the altar, cleanse one's own house or apartment and go to the temple and ring the bell just to draw the attention of Lord Krsna.

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