TEXT 303
sarva-samuccaye ara eka artha haya
'atmaramas ca munayas ca nirgranthas ca' bhajaya
sarva-samuccayetaking all of them together; araanother; ekaone; arthaimport; hayathere is; atmaramah ca munayah ca nirgranthah ca bhajayathe atmaramas, great sages and nirgranthas (the learned and the fools) are all eligible to engage in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.
"Taking all the words together, there is another meaning. Whether one is an atmarama, a great sage, or nirgrantha, everyone must engage in the service of the Lord.
The word sarva-samuccaye is significant here. It includes all classes of men-atmarama, muni and nirgrantha. Everyone engages in the service of the Lord. Taking the word api in the sense of ascertainment, there are, all together, sixty different meanings.

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