TEXT 282
ei ta' kahilun tomaya vyadhera akhyana
ya sunile haya sadhu-sanga-prabhava-jnana
ei ta' kahilunthus I have narrated; tomayaunto you; vyadhera akhyanathe story of the hunter; ya sunilehearing which; hayathere is; sadhu-sangaof the association of devotees; prabhavaof the influence; jnanaknowledge.
"So far I have narrated the incident of the hunter. By hearing this narration, one can understand the influence derived by associating with devotees.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu wanted to stress that even a hunter, the lowest of men, could become a topmost Vaisnava simply by associating with Narada Muni or a devotee in his bona fide disciplic succession.

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