TEXT 275
jala āni' bhaktye doṅhāra pāda prakṣālila
sei jala strī-puruṣe piyā śire la-ila
jala āni'—bringing water; bhaktye—with great devotion; doṅhāra—of both of them; pāda prakṣālila—washed the feet; sei jala—that water; strī-puruṣe—husband and wife; piyā—drinking; śire la-ila—put on their heads.
"He then fetched water and washed the sages' feet with great devotion. Then both husband and wife drank that water and sprinkled it on their heads.
This is the process one should follow when receiving the spiritual master or someone on the level of the spiritual master. When the spiritual master comes to the residence of his disciples, the disciples should follow in the footsteps of the former hunter. It doesn't matter what one was before initiation. After initiation, one must learn the etiquette mentioned herein.

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