TEXT 271
dandavat-sthane pipilikare dekhiya
vastre sthana jhadi' pade dandavat hana
dandavat-sthane—in the place where he wanted to offer his obeisances; pipilikare dekhiya—seeing the ants; vastre—by the cloth; sthana jhadi'-cleansing the place; pade danda-vat hana—falls down flat like a rod.
"Seeing the ants, the hunter whisked them away with a piece of cloth. After thus clearing the ants from the ground, he fell down flat to offer his obeisances.
The word danda means "rod," and vat means "like." To offer obeisances to the spiritual master, one must fall flat exactly as a rod falls on the ground. This is the meaning of the word dandavat.

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