TEXT 230
eka dina sri-narada dekhi' narayana
triveni-snane prayaga karila gamana
eka dina—one day; sri-narada—the great saintly person Narada; dekhi' narayana—after visiting Lord Narayana; tri-veni-snane—to bathe at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati rivers; prayaga—to Prayaga; karila gamana—went.
"Once upon a time the great saint Narada, after visiting Lord Narayana in the Vaikunthas, went to Prayaga to bathe at the confluence of three rivers-the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati.
The great saint Narada is so liberated that he can go to the Vaikuntha planets to see Narayana and then immediately come to this planet in the material world and go to Prayaga to bathe in the confluence of three rivers. The word tri-veni refers to a confluence of three rivers. This confluence is still visited by many hundreds of thousands of people who go there to bathe, especially during the month of January (Magha-mela). A liberated person who has no material body can go anywhere and everywhere; therefore a living entity is called sarva-ga, which indicates that he can go anywhere and everywhere. Presently scientists are trying to go to other planets, but due to their material bodies, they are not free to move at will. However, when one is situated in his original spiritual body, he can move anywhere and everywhere without difficulty. Within this material world there is a planet called Siddhaloka, whose inhabitants can go from one planet to another without the aid of a machine or space rocket. In the material world every planet has a specific advantage (vibhuti-bhinna). In the spiritual world, however, all the planets and their inhabitants are composed of spiritual energy. Because there are no material impediments, it is said that everything in the spiritual world is one.

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