visnor nu virya-gananam katamo 'rhatiha
yah parthivany api kavir vimame rajamsi
caskambha yah sva-ramhasaskhalata triprstham
yasmat trisamya-sadanad urukampayanam
visnoh—of Lord Visnu; nu—certainly; virya-gananam—a counting of the different potencies; katamah—who; arhati—is able to do; iha—in this world; yah—who; parthivani—of the element earth; api—although; kavih—a learned person; vimame—has counted; rajamsi—the atoms; caskambha—captured; yah—who; sva—His own; ramhasa—by potency; askhalata—without hindrances; tri-prstham—the topmost planet (Satyaloka); yasmat—from some cause; tri-samya—where there is equilibrium of the three gunas; sadanat—from the place (from the root of the material world); urukampayanam—trembling greatly.
" 'Even if a learned man is able to count all the minute atoms in this material world, he still cannot count the potencies of Lord Visnu. In the form of the Vamana incarnation, Lord Visnu, without hindrance, captured all the planets, beginning from the root of the material world up to Satyaloka. Indeed, He caused every planetary system to tremble by the force of His steps.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.7.40). In the Rg Veda mantra (, it is said:
om visnor nu viryani kam pravocam
yah parthivani vimame rajamsi
yo 'skambhayad uttaram sadhastham
vicakramanas tredhorugayah

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