śakti, kampa, paripāṭī, yukti, śaktye ākramaṇa
caraṇa-cālane kāṅpāila tribhuvana
śakti—power; kampa—trembling; paripāṭī—method; yukti—argument; śaktye—with great force; ākramaṇa—attacking; caraṇa-cālane—by moving the foot; kāṅpāila—caused to tremble; tri-bhuvana—the three worlds.
"Krama also means power, trembling, a systematic method, argument, and a forcible attack by stepping forward. Thus Vāmana caused the three worlds to tremble.
Uru means very great, and krama means step. When Lord Vāmanadeva was offered three steps of land, He expanded His three steps by covering the entire universe. In this way the three worlds trembled, and therefore Śrī Vāmanadeva, the incarnation of Lord Viṣṇu, is referred to as Urukrama.

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