TEXT 202
ca-sabde 'eva', 'api'-sabda samuccaye
'atmarama eva' hana sri-krsna bhajaye
ca-sabde—by the word ca; eva—the word eva; api-sabda—the word api; samuccaye—in the sense of aggregation; atmaramah eva—all the atmaramas (all kinds of living entities); hana—being; sri-krsna bhajaye—become engaged in the service of Lord Krsna.
"In that case, by the word ca, the word eva is meant. The word api can be taken in the sense of aggregation. Thus the verse would read atmarama eva; that is, 'even all kinds of living beings worship Krsna.'
It is here mentioned that every living entity is atmarama. Temporarily covered by the influence of maya, the living entity serves his senses, which are represented as kama-krodha-lobha-moha-mada-matsarya. In the material condition, all living entities are engaged in sense gratification, but when they associate with devotees who follow the regulative principles, they become purified and awakened to their original consciousness. They then attempt to satisfy the senses of Lord Krsna and engage in His devotional service.

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