nir niscaye nis kramarthe
nir nirmana-nisedhayoh
grantho dhane 'tha sandarbhe
varna-sangrathane 'pi ca
nih—the prefix nih; niscaye—in the sense of ascertainment; nih—the prefix nih; krama-arthe—in the meaning of succession; nih—the prefix nih; nirmana—in the sense of forming; nisedhayoh—in the sense of forbidding; granthah—the word grantha; dhane—in the sense of wealth; atha—also; sandarbhe—thesis; varna-sangrathane—in the sense of tying together words; api—also; ca—and.
" 'The prefix nih may be used for a sense of ascertainment, gradation, construction or forbidding. The word grantha means riches, thesis and composition.'
This is another quotation from the Visva-prakasa dictionary.

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