TEXT 159
aruruksor muner yogam
karma karanam ucyate
yogarudhasya tasyaiva
samah karanam ucyate
aruruksohof a person desiring to rise to the platform of yogic perfection; munehof a saintly person; yogamspiritual knowledge; karmawork; karanamthe cause; ucyateis said; yoga-arudhasyaof one who has attained such perfect knowledge; tasyafor him; evacertainly; samahcontrolling the mind without being disturbed; karanamcause; ucyateis said.
" 'Those who wish to rise to the platform of yogic perfection practice the yoga system and strictly follow its regulative principles. They practice the yoga postures, asanas and breathing exercises. Those who are already elevated to this platform practice meditation and keep their minds on the Supreme Lord. They reject all material activity and keep their minds in an equipoised condition [sama].
Texts 159 and 160 are from Bhagavad-gita (6.3-4).

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