TEXT 145
ei chaya atmarama krsnere bhajaya
prthak prthak ca-kare iha 'api'ra artha kaya
ei chaya—all these six; atmarama—transcendentalists; krsnere bhajaya—render service to Krsna; prthak prthak—separately; ca-kare—in the use of the word ca; iha—here; 'api'ra—of the word api; artha—meaning; kaya—says.
"These six kinds of atmaramas engage in the loving service of Krsna. The varieties of service are indicated by adding ca, and they also bear the meaning of api, 'indeed.'
There are six kinds of atmaramas: the neophyte (sadhaka) student who is absorbed in Brahman realization (brahmamaya), one who has already attained the Brahman position (prapta-brahma-laya), one who desires to be liberated (mumuksu), one who is liberated even in this life (jivan-mukta), and one who is self-realized (prapta-svarupa).

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