harau ratim vahann esa
narendranam sikhamanih
bhiksam atann ari-pure
sva-pakam api vandate
harau—toward the Supreme Personality of Godhead; ratim—affection; vahan—carrying; esah—this one; nara-indranam—of all the kings; sikha-manih—brilliant crown jewel; bhiksam—begging alms; atan—wandering for; ari-pure—even in the city of enemies; sva-pakam—the fifth-grade candalas; api—even; vandate—worships.
" 'Bharata Maharaja always carried affection for Krsna within his heart. Although Bharata Maharaja was the crown jewel of kings, he was still wandering about and begging alms in the city of his enemies. He was even offering respects to candalas, low-class men who eat dogs.'
This is a quotation from Padma Purana.

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